‘This is going to be a new town in a few years’: New food truck hub comes to Hillyard

SPOKANE, Wash.– A new food truck hub opened up in Hillyard this past weekend.

The food truck pavilion hub kickoff made its debut in the historic Hillyard, opening up to guests and people as a new gathering location for the community. 

As things are beginning to open up, the community event saw food, vendors and live music available to those who attended. Owner of Hillyard Food Truck Pavilion, Kyle Bowlby, known as Chef “Freak”, pulls all the strings behind the scenes, as his goals and dreams are to bring more development and Hillyard. 

Recently taking over the property, Chef Freak is looking to revitalize the area into something special.

“This is going to be a new town in a few years,” Chef Freak said. “I want to see people mingling with a taco and someone mingling with an elote. I want to see it all happen right here.”

Nicolas Balthrop and Ashley Vaughn are from Hillyard and were looking for something to do after spending much of the year at home. Sunday’s event hit the spot.

“We just wanted to get out, do something fun, and this place seemed to be it,” Balthrop said. “There’s a lot going on here.”

“It’s really fun. There’s[sic] things to do here,” Vaughn said. “It’s really just nice because that just means that there’s going to be more, and I’m looking forward to there being more than just staying at home.”

More events will be coming up as Chef Freak and others look forward to seeing things become more normal after a year with so much uncertainty. The next event to keep in mind is an open mic night on June 18th.

You can find more on plans for the summer at Hillyard HERE.