Thieves steal tools, family photos from Spokane garage

Thieves steal tools, family photos...

Thieves armed with flashlights stole tools, camping gear, and family photos from a garage in Spokane early Friday morning near Rogers High School.

“We came out pretty early to get our snowboards and stuff from the garage and we saw the door was busted in,” said Spencer Gray. He estimates the stolen items to be worth a few thousand dollars.

The crime was caught on a neighbor’s surveillance camera – the two thieves loaded the stolen items into an older Dodge Durango with a luggage rack attached to the hitch.

“We had thought about doing a lot more security improvements over the last couple months, and you just wish that you would have done it sooner,” said Gray.

Hours after the crime, Gray installed motion sensors in the dark ally behind his garage where the thieves entered from. He also plans to set up security cameras of his own.

“We’re going to get a full weatherproof door with a deadbolt on to the garage and also some motion alarms too,” Gray said.

Police recommend keeping an inventory of all valuables inside your home and garage along with any serial numbers. Local C.O.P.S. shops also lend out engravers. For more information, click here.