Thief targets family freezer

Thief targets family freezer

Spokane has seen its fair share of car thieves, but now one family is warning of a food thief.

Tamara Lear never thought her garage freezer would be the target of criminals. Someone entered her garage and made off with $200 worth of frozen meat including several pot roasts, steaks, a whole ham, and several bags of chicken.

“That would have lasted my family a month,” said Lear. “Right now, we don’t know how we are going to replace it but I’m sure we are going to figure something out.”

Lear believes someone copied the radio frequency on her garage door clicker to get inside. Years ago, a report on ABC News warned of criminals using code grabbers to open garage doors.

“For right now, we’re just unplugging the main garage door so there’s no entry – we just unplug it,” Lear said.

A garage can be any home’s weakest link when it comes to keeping intruders out. Police recommend keeping your home well lit outside, and if you have a garage door opener, keep it in a safe place. If your car is parked outside and a thief breaks in, that clicker becomes an easy way inside.

Almost all newer garage door openers come with rolling codes to deter frequency scanners. If you have an old garage door remote, it may be time for an upgrade.