Thief steals Spokane father’s truck with his entire business in the back

A Spokane father says thieves didn’t just steal his truck on Friday morning; they drove off with his whole business.

Ivan Quezada is a roofer. It’s how he supports his family, and he says the theft is especially hard to deal with around Christmas.

Quezada says his truck was locked, and so was the large metal box in the back which had thousands of dollars worth of tools inside. Quezada says they’re tools he can’t work without.

“Literally my whole business is gone,” said Quezada. “At first I was like ‘man, how am I going to get to work?’ Second was ‘man, my tools.'”

Quezada owns Jik Roofing and without his tools, he’s out of work.

“Everything from ladders, compressors, nail gun, electric tools, everything,” Quezada said.

Though the truck was locked, the thief managed to get away sometime Friday morning near Cook and South Crescent in East Central Spokane.

“The insurance said because it is not a commercial vehicle and it’s not commercial insurance, they will just take care of the vehicle,” said Quezada. “We estimate about $2,500 worth of tools.”

Last February, his neighbor went through something similar.

“My neighbor just a few houses down, he’s a painter and the same thing happened to him,” Quezada said.

So Quezada wrote down all his serial numbers, and marked his tools with a sharpie. Police say doing that gives you the best chance of recovering stolen property.

Quezada said those tools will be hard to replace, especially during the holidays when he just wants to buy presents for his wife and 5-year-old son.

“Whoever did this, just return the tools back and return the truck,” said Quezada. “There’s nothing, I won’t press charges. I don’t care at this point, I just want to be able to go to work on Monday.”