Thief steals food donations from Spokane Humane Society

Thief steals food donations from Spokane Humane Society
Spokane Humane Society
The Spokane Humane Society said thieves stole several pounds of dog food from their pet food bank. 

The Spokane Humane Society is looking for information about a thief whole stole dog food and other donated dog supplies from the pet food bank.

“This is extremely upsetting for many reasons,” said Executive Director Sheila Geraghty. “This is dog food that is donated to our pet food bank. Not only is the thief stealing from us, they are stealing from low-income families who come to us for help.”

The humane society said they have video of the theft from around 4:15 a.m. Tuesday. The video shows a dog in the truck watching a woman loading several big sacks of dog food into it. She also helped herself to other donated dog supplies.

“It’s terrible that someone would steal from our food bank,” Gergahty said. “If they needed dog food that badly, all they had to do was ask.”

The Spokane Humane Society operates a pet food bank that serves thousands of clients each year. In 2018, the food bank gave out more than 20,000 pounds of pet food.