Stevens Pass reopens following extended closure

Stevens Pass

SPOKANE, Wash. — Stevens Pass reopened Thursday morning following a longer than expected closure.

Crews worked all day Wednesday to clear the road and remove dangerous trees near the road. By 9:45 a.m. Thursday,  the pass had reopened.

Traction tires were advised and the Washington Department of Transportation urged all drivers to take it slow.

Stevens Pass, like most of the other Washington passes, was hit with record-breaking amounts of snow. However, Stevens Pass beat out the other passes in total snow, and ice accumulated.

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Stevens Pass crews worked to de-ice the roads instead of clearing snow. Freezing rain made US 2 look like a long and wet ice rink, plus there are now avalanche concerns.

The pass was originally set to open sometime on Wednesday. WSDOT says heavy rain on Tuesday through the pass created new slides and safety risks that delayed work.

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