‘They rescued the rescuers’; Avista saves fire truck trapped under power lines

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SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane firefighters had to be rescued when their truck became trapped under fallen power lines Wednesday morning.

Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer spoke with 4 News Now on keeping an eye out for downed power lines — saying they can be hard to spot as they are dark and strewn across the road.

“We actually had one fall on a fire truck this morning, it disabled the fire truck and the people in it, so we had to get some help,” said Schaeffer. “So we’re definitely not exempt from the forces of downed power lines.”

Schaeffer said the energized power line fell on top of Station 11’s fire engine around 40th and Perry on the South Hill. The lines were on the metal frame, forcing firefighters to stay inside the truck—leaving and touching any metal on the truck would shock and seriously injure them.

“Avista, as busy as they were, they made us a priority and came and rescued the rescuers.”

The firefighters got straight back to work, and crews are still working tirelessly to move trees and clean up damage from the windstorm.

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