There may be hope to save ‘forever puppy’

UPDATE: There may be hope for a Whatcom County puppy who seemed doomed to be a “puppy forever.”

A doctor in Colorado reached out to Rescued Hearts Northwest, saying he believes he can do a surgery on Logan to repair his heart. A former client told Dr. Scanson from Colorado State University about the pup, and the doctor reviewed Logan’s EKG and records. The pup is scheduled for an appointment next Wednesday and surgery for the following day.

Because the surgery is so expensive, the animal rescue has set up a Go Fund Me to help with expenses.

Here’s hoping Logan gets many more days of hugs and treats.

For more information, please visit the organization’s Facebook page.

ORIGINAL STORY: This is Logan. He’s an 8-week-old German Shepherd, and he gets to stay a puppy for his entire life.

Rescued Hearts Northwest tells KXLY’s Seattle sister station, KOMO News, Logan has three things wrong with his heart that have no fix.

Rescued Hearts decided to take in Logan after his first rescue agency did not have the right resources to take care of his illnesses. According to KOMO, he was posted for free on a local Facebook buy/sell group.

According to their mission statement, Rescued Hearts Northwest aims to save the lives of at-risk dogs, while educating communities about spaying and neutering. The organization takes in about 200 dogs a year and does what they can for dogs with health problems.

Logan’s foster mom, Lindie Saenz, told KOMO that Logan had a level-5 heart murmur, but after going to the vet, they discovered his condition was much more serious.

The sweet puppy has pulmonic valve dysplasia, which means the main valve in his heart is partially opened all the time, so it doesn’t properly oxygenate his blood. Saenz said the vet only gave Logan anywhere from one month to one year to live. It’s possible he could die very suddenly.

Saenz’s 4-year-old son, Blake, decided to name the puppy Logan after the “X-Men” character Wolverine, who can regenerate and heal himself. The boy thought that if they named him after a super hero, then maybe the puppy would be able to heal himself too.

Saenz told her kids they would keep Logan, but he wasn’t going to live for very long.

She says her children asked her if they could take Logan fishing, and then the list of requested adventures began to grow. Rescued Hearts Northwest posted about the bucket list on their Facebook page and community members began adding to the list, including one suggestion to get hugs from 100 different people.

Saenz tells KOMO Logan is very playful, easy going, and smart, adding that he’s the smartest puppy she has ever had, and that he loves to cuddle.

Some of the bucket list items have been completed, like going to the beach and digging in the sand, getting a “puppaccino,” going to Mud Bay and picking out a toy. And some will be completed soon, like visiting Mt. Baker to see the snow, and having a camp-out in the backyard. His 100 hugs challenge is more than halfway completed.

Bellingham Police Department has even reached out to make Logan an honorary K-9. According to Saenz, he will get to meet the trainers and have a small ceremony.

The pup has been invited to a farm, given a steak for dinner, gone to Dairy Queen and had a burger and ice cream.

Saenz says this is more difficult for the people in Logan’s life than it is for the small pup.

Logan’s days playing in the sand, getting hugs, and eating treats may be growing shorter, but the memories are sure to go on in the lives he’s touched for much longer.

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