The U.S. is split nearly 50/50 on supporting Gonzaga or Baylor during NCAA Championship game

According to an analysis done by sports betting site SportsInsider, the country is split nearly 50/50 on supporting Gonzaga or Baylor in tonight’s championship game.

Sports Insider put a map together based on geotagged Twitter data from more than 90,000 posts. These included fan hashtags like Baylor’s #SicEm and #TimeIsNow, and Gonzaga’s #GoZags and #ZagUp.

Now, the breakdown is just shy of a perfect split—Baylor has the support of 26 states, while Gonzaga has the support of 24.

2021 Ncaa Basketball Nat Champ Map

Baylor’s support is mostly in the south and southeast, with a bit of love in the northeast. Gonzaga’s support you could probably guess—almost the entire west side of the country, from Washington to Minnesota, down to Colorado and Arizona. Gonzaga also enjoys some love in the New England area, as well as Kentucky, West Virginia and Delaware.

One notable dissenter you might notice on the west side of the map is Utah, home of Gonzaga’s longtime rival BYU.

After tonight’s game, we’ll know which states were on the “right side of history,” so to say—tipoff is at 6:20 p.m. on the NCAA website.