‘The true loss is our security’: Security camera purchases rise in the Inland Northwest

SPOKANE, Wash — Cities across the nation are incentivizing security cameras you have in your homes.

Chicago has started a rebate program to financially incentivize citizens to purchase video surveillance systems to help deter crime.

“You might be able to tell who it is but do you actually have enough in court to actually put someone behind bars for it and the answer is usually no,” said Tyler James, President and CEO for Tytech Security Solutions.

With property crime on the rise in the Inland Northwest, he’s seen a rise of people looking to purchase comprehensive security camera systems.

“Camera alone doesn’t really deter it,” James said. “But, when you start integrating your other systems, your building automation, you can turn off all the lights or turn on all the parking lot lights, that’s where we’ve actually seen results in deterring theft and deterring crime.”

The Spokane Sheriff’s Department has a voluntary video identification program. If you choose to sign up, during a major criminal or public safety incident, it would act as a “quick reference.” It would let them know who to contact in the area for footage.

Ryan Merriott, a victim of property theft, is looking to invest in surveillance cameras in the near future.

“I mean you could probably tally up the total just under 10 thousand dollars for the whole neighborhood but I think the true loss is our security more than anything else,” he said.

To sign up for the Spokane County Sheriff Department’s program, click HERE.

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