‘The trees just started falling over one by one’: Windstorm knocks out trees at golf course

SPOKANE, Wash. — It’s clean-up day at the Pine Acres Par 3 Golf Course in North Spokane where several trees crashed during Monday’s windstorm. The trees fell on the edges of the course, so no fences or golf greens were damaged.

“The trees just started falling over one by one,” said Jim Tucker, owner of Pine Acres Par 3.

Monday’s winds were not bad compared to last year when 55 trees were knocked down. That’s when the golf course was closed up until Father’s Day. It took crews from January to June to get the mess cleaned up.

“It’s taken a lot of character away from the golf course. It was all about the trees, and now it’s just wide open. We only have the area behind us here. That’s mainly treed now,” Tucker said.

The golf course opened in 1974 and Tucker says he’s seen the winds really pick up in the last few years.

“We really haven’t had a tree problem until 2015 when we had that really big windstorm. We lost 120 trees on that one, and then ever since they’ve just been kind of falling down,” Tucker said.

Tucker says they’ve now learned a thing or two about cleaning up the aftermath of a windstorm.

The golf course will remain closed for the next couple of days, however the driving range will remain open.

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