The top ten most stolen cars in Washington: does yours make the list?

The top ten most stolen cars in Washington: does yours make the list?

A new study will give you a better idea of whether your car is more likely to be targeted by thieves.

The 2017 numbers from the National Insurance Crime Bureau break down Washington state’s most commonly stolen cars — and if you drive an older car, yours might have landed on the list. The study found the most stolen cars in the state were all made in the 90’s:

1997 Honda Accord
1998 Honda Civic
1999 Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)
1996 Subaru Legacy
1991 Toyota Camry
1999 Honda CR-V
1995 Acura Integra
1997 Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)
1995 Toyota Corolla
1996 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee

“No surprise there, not at all,” said Spokane Police Cpl. Teresa Fuller when she looked at the list.

Fuller told KXLY the cars’ age make them more prone to theft. It comes down to technology.

“Those are all vehicles that have been out on the road for a long time, they were pre- the vehicles that have the chip inside of the top of the key that has to be near the ignition switch in order for the car to turn over,” Fuller said. “The tumblers inside the ignition are all worn in all of those vehicles, as well as the keys, so all it takes is a shaved key to put into the ignition and it will turn that car over very easily.”

If your car landed on the list, Fuller said the department can give you an anti-theft tool like a club, as long as you show proof of registration, though she mentioned there’s a limited amount left.