‘The time to act is now’: Idaho teacher’s union urges Gov. Little to close schools statewide

BOISE, Idaho — The Idaho Education Association (IEA) called on the state to close all schools for at least three weeks to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Education leaders are uniquely positioned to help ‘flatten the curve’ and stave off a massive health crisis,” says Layne McInelly, IEA President. “Recognizing that school buildings often hold more than 250 people, five days a week, we must close our schools immediately for the health of our communities, students and staff.”

Governor Brad Little held a conference call with school leaders on Sunday, just hours after this plea, to instead leave it up to individual school districts.

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“Closing our schools will help prevent this disease from peaking, which would severely compromise our healthcare system and force a triage of life-saving care for patients,” says McInelly. “Schools are environments where viruses are likely to spread exponentially. The day a case is confirmed in one of our schools is the day after we should have closed the schools. The time to act is now.”