The Spokane River is fun…and dangerous

The pictures only tell half the story. The Spokane River is just as unforgiving as it is gorgeous.

“The water is about as cold as it can be without freezing,” said Josh Flanagan, owner of Wiley E. Waters.

“You got less than 2 minutes (until hypothermia sets in) at this time of year,” he said.

However – with the sun shining, and the bitter winter behind us, even the first responders understand the appeal of the water every spring.

“It’s kind of innate for people to want to get closer to the water, enter the water and enjoy what we have to offer,” said Spokane Fire Deputy Chief Mark John.

John, a self-described lover of water and veteran swimmer, claims even he wouldn’t venture into the river without a life jacket during July and August, let alone April.

With that said – the high spring waters do offer a unique thrill for those who are craving it.

“It’s a great time of year to be out white water rafting,” said Flanagan.

“There’s gonna be some really high waters around this time of year tho so you want to just be sure you’re being safe when you are going out. But if you’re done correctly and done right with a commercial rafter you’re definitely gonna have fun.”