The Spokane primary elections are over, but the mayoral race is just heating up

The Spokane primary elections are over, but the mayoral race is just heating up
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As the primary election has come and gone, the focus now moves to the general election where Nadine Woodward and Ben Stuckart will go head-to-head in the race to be Spokane’s mayor.

Woodward finished the night with 42%of the vote while Stuckart was not far behind at 37%.

When it comes to political campaigns, one of the obvious things candidates keep their eyes on is that percentage of votes earned.

That 37% for Stuckart may be a telling factor about his campaign going forward.

“At any level, any incumbent wants to be above 40%. 40 is the watermark you always want to be above it,” Kevin Parker said.

Parker is a political expert and former state lawmaker.

He also said elections in August will differ immensely from those in November.

“You have to remember a lot of people are out on vacation right now,” Parker said.

The race gets even more interesting when you consider the amount of votes left on the table from those who supported the three losing candidates from the primary.

“The curveballs are when you add Nadine’s numbers and Shawne Poole’s numbers those come out to 53 percent,” Parker said. “The Woodward campaign is going to be very focused on gathering Shawn Poole voters where Ben Stuckart is going to be focused on gathering those independents and soft Republicans.”

Another interesting factor in the race is the amount of campaign spending that will come from each party.

Both candidates have raised more than $165,000 to this point, but it is Stuckart who has raised about $11,000 more so far.

The way that money has been spent is a little different among the two.

Woodward has already spent close to $30,000 on television campaign ads while Stuckart hasn’t spent a dime there yet.

However, that could be all a part of his strategy.

“Nadine Woodward is introducing herself to the public, but Ben Stuckart has been known among the public for quite some time,” Parker said. “My suspicion is his strategy is probably to save most of those funds to spend on the general and that’s where he’s gearing up.”

Regardless, this election is set to intensify with each week that passes by.

It will come down to what people want for this city.

“Do they want a politician that’s been there before and brings certain unique experience or do they want someone from the outside who they think can fix the government? And so that’s going to be the ultimate question that voters are asking.” Parker said.