The secret to the Zags’ success? Air pants

Fans all over the Inland Northwest are waiting to root for the Zags as they head into the Sweet 16. KXLY4’s Keith Osso and Alyssa Charlston are in Anaheim, and they say they have found the secret weapon the Zags have been hiding: a pair of pants.

“So these are ‘air pants’,” Corey Kispert said. “They’re a blood pressure cuff for your whole legs so it starts at your toes and compresses your foot.”

‘Air pants’ are used by some athletes for recovery. They can help relieve knee problems, tension, cramping and improve blood circulation. But some team members aren’t too sure of their actual purpose.

“I’m not sure,” Brandon Clarke said. “They’re like some magical pants, I guess we can call them that. Without those pants, I don’t know if we’d even be here right now, so obviously it’s huge,” Clarke said.

“It’s probably the most important part of our team, honestly,” Geno Crandall joked. “Everybody does it.”

We just hope those lucky pants keep the Zags dancing.