The Scoop is bringing back its version of the Choco Taco

SPOKANE, Wash. – The beloved “Choco Taco” may now be a thing of the past, but you can get your hands on a local version this Tuesday. 

The Scoop has its own rendition of the childhood classic, made with waffle cones filled with ice cream, dipped in chocolate and topped with rainbow sprinkles. It’s held a spot on the menu on and off for the past five years. 

Owner Jennifer Davis said the Scoop received several messages about bringing it back once Klondike announced they were discontinuing the Choco Taco. 

The Scoop’s version is a labor of love and is often available in the off-season when Davis’ team has more availability to make them. 

Her team is working hard to prep some for what they are calling “Choco Taco Tuesday” on August 2. 

Davis says she’s just testing the situation out and seeing if it meets the demand. 

“All depends on labor and if we can make them and store them, but we’re super excited just to like, you know, answer the call,” Davis said.

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