The Salvation Army wants you to get your hands on free food for your family

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Salvation Army warehouse is bursting with food they’re eager to get into the hands of families. With rising prices, they want to ease the burden and pressure on keeping families fed.

Inflation jumped at its fastest pace in nearly 40 years, according to new BLS data. This means families are having to stretch their resources even more to make ends meet. Over the holidays, people were extremely generous, and the organization has tons of food they want families to know about.

“If you need any food help, please come see the Salvation Army,” said Major Ken Perine with the Salvation Army of Spokane.

They have a lot of non-perishable food options from canned foods, to pantry staples and some perishable items. They want families to be able to focus their finances on staying housed instead of groceries.

“In this past year, the price of groceries has really skyrocketed, and that’s really hitting families in a very negative way,” Perine added. “We just want to encourage folks if they need any type of food right now, come by, see the Salvation Army. Save their money to pay their rent and utility bill, but get your groceries from us.”

The Salvation Army is also looking for volunteers to help families shop. They need people who can help move food from the warehouse to stores where people shop. You can sign up to be a long-term volunteer or just drop in for a few hours. The extra hands will go a long way to help families.

“We really need volunteers to help stock the shelves and help our guests walk through and go shopping,” he added.

You can learn more about volunteering HERE.

In addition to volunteers, they’re also in need of meats and proteins. While they have a ton of non-perishable items, those donations will help with the variety. You can donate products or gift cards for people to use at other local grocery stores.

The Salvation Army is closed Monday for MLK Jr. Day. It’s open Tuesday, Jan. 18, at 9 a.m. You can find the food bank’s full hours HERE.

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