The Rose Apartments building is on the move

More than a century after it was built, the Rose Apartments near Interstate 90 may have a new home.

The Washington Department of Transportation is getting ready for its North-South Freeway Project, meaning the affordable housing unit on Third Avenue has to move out of that path.

The building currently has four tenants living in it, so those people will have their moving expenses covered by the Department of Transportation.

As for their current home, the 316,000 pound building is planned to be moved about a block away.

The DOT is going to buy the building through eminent domain for fair market value, and then they plan to sell it back to the East Central Community Organization for $10 dollars.

Then, East Central will pay to move the building, which Chairman Chris Venne said was just remodled on the inside back in 2011.

Venne said he is expecting at least $500,000 from the DOT for the building as it is going to cost at least that much to do so.
On the other hand, the DOT Relocation Supervisor Melinda Ziemann said they have purchased about 200 homes that were within the path of the freeway project, and the Rose Apartments building is one of about 20 left in negotiation still.

The move is expected to take about 3-4 months once a deal is agreed upon, but tenants don’t have to move out of the Rose Apartments until the freeway project begins in that zone and that is still undetermined.

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