New development coming to Liberty Lake will be similar to Spokane’s Kendall Yards

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — The 500-acre River District will alter Liberty Lake’s landscape for decades to come.

Greenstone Corporation is currently developing the area near North Harvard Road and East Indiana Avenue, right off Exit 296. The project will feature an urban, mixed-use neighborhood similar to Kendall Yards in Spokane. That’s because the same developer is spearheading the project.

“We’re trying to design it in a way that it’s walkable and has mixed-use integrated at a really fine scale,” Jim Frank, the Founder of Greenstone Corporation said.

NOLL (North Liberty Lake) is about 25 acres of the total 500-acre project. NOLL will be completed in about five years while the total development will take about a decade. When complete, residential housing will sit on top of storefronts nestled next to the Spokane River and on the Centennial Trail. Frank says he wants businesses to face the streets and promote walkability. Parking will be hidden behind the district. The project brings an urban twist to the Inland Northwest some people are looking forward to.

“It combines a lot of those things I liked about living in a big city without having to live in a big city,” said Elizabeth Graham. She just moved to Liberty Lake after living in Chicago. She now lives with her mom in a townhome and says non-traditional housing options are important.

“Sometimes people don’t need a huge, huge huge home if it’s only two or three of them,” she added. “It’s nice to have condos or apartments or townhome options.”

Frank says this project will combine townhomes, cottages, single and multi-family complexes. While he says the prices aren’t set yet and are dependent on the market, he says smaller houses on smaller lots will give families more affordable options.

“If you’ve got a variety of products, you can have prices that will vary and make homes available to a wide range of people,” he added.

Liberty Lake was chosen because it’s easier to build complex projects there since regulations are looser.

“Liberty Lake has a very progressive development code,” Frank said.

Greenstone was also recently approved for another urban, mixed-use neighborhood in North Spokane.

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