‘The need is urgent’: Jewel’s Helping Hands to open new warming center, needs sleeping mats

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SPOKANE, Wash. — Jewel’s Helping Hands is opening a new warming center this week to take the pressure off other homeless shelters.

According to the Spokane Homeless Coalition (SHC), the new center will be operated by Jewel’s Helping Hands, who also run the Cannon Shelter.

The SHC says it will alleviate the pressure faced by other shelters in the city, as well as help regulate social distancing for people staying there.

Maurice Smith, Media Liaison for SHC, says there is an urgent need for sleeping mats—80 of them—for the new center.

“The need is urgent,” said Smith. “This will take some of the pressure off of other shelters that are currently overwhelmed, and will enable better social distancing for the safety of our homeless friends.”

Smith asks that anyone willing to buy sleeping mats, or any agency willing to spare them, contact Jewel’s Helping Hands at (509) 271-7120, or drop them off at the 527 South Cannon Street.

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