‘The miracle of birth never gets old’: Firefighters help deliver baby girl at Newman Lake station

Newman Lake Fire Baby Delivery
Credit: Newman Lake Fire

NEWMAN LAKE, Wash. — Baby Elidreia Beeman had an exciting entry into the world.

The happy, healthy baby was born Thursday measuring 20.5 inches long and weighing seven pounds, 10 ounces. But, she was not born in a hospital.

Her parents were trying to make it to MultiCare Valley Hospital, but her mother, Aletheia, just could not wait any longer. They stopped at the Newman Lake Fire Station at 2:45 p.m. and 14 minutes later, Elidreia was born.

“I just want to thank the firefighters for being there. they were very helpful and made sure we were comfortable as they could be and make sure that my baby was safe. So, I’m glad and happy she’s here,” said dad Elijah Beeman.

“It’s those types of calls that make what we do all worth it,” said Fire Chief Stan Cooke. “So many times we deal with people leaving this world and to welcome this little girl into the world is beyonds words. The miracle of birth never gets old and still is awesome.”

After all of the excitement, the Beemans were able to make it to the hospital, where they are resting up before getting to take baby Elidreia home.