The Lumbermen return to the field as baseball returns to North Idaho

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — After being forced to the sidelines for the Spring sports season, high school athletes in North Idaho are back to playing for the summer season.  The CDA Lumbermen are happy to be back on the field and they have a new appreciation for the sport they love.

“It’s fantastic to be out here it’s great for the kids to be out here,” said head coach Erik Karns.  “It’s great for the community to be out here and watch a little bit of baseball.”
Riley Smith “I was killing to get back on the field again after quarantine cause i was really looking forward to a big high school season and then this happened but we are fortunate to get to start back up because most sports can’t,” Riley Smith explains after missing his Senior season.
In order to get back on the field, the team came to an agreement with the city that includes sanitizing before and after play, less parents in the stands, and the umpires being located in different positions.
The team admits it was a little strange when they returned to the field, but after about a week of practicing, it started to just feel like baseball, and the benefits are far greater than wins and losses.
“It helps a lot the idea of being out in a field we see life around you we’re not sequestered at home we’re not afraid to come out to the field,” explains Karns.  “I think it releases a lot of that fear and for my mental health and for the kids mental health i think it’s just great to be out  and not be thinking about covid and what’s going on across the country and just be doing something we love doing.”