The Incredible Journey: After 37 days, N. Idaho dog found 40 miles away from home

It’s been a long month or so for the Walker family after their beloved pooch Josie went missing, running off scared during a big storm.

“She’s been quite the outdoorsy girl,” said Rebecca Walker, “she covered a few mountain ranges, railroad tracks, power lines, people’s yards.”

Josie is nine years old and her owners describe her as quite the runner.

“We call her our true trekking pup,” said Walker, “she’s so sweet, never barks and never growls.”

She said after she went missing at first she reached out to all the shelters, posted on Facebook and the Nextdoor app, in addition to reaching out to all the shelters. No luck.

People did report sightings of her, but by the time they showed up, she had gone.

It ultimately took a whole community to find her.

“There were flyers everywhere, we had people printing and handing out flyers, people would put food on their back porches if she had been sighted in the area,” said Walker. “We set up live traps, we tried to bait her, we had game cameras out, we had volunteers fly drones, but we just couldn’t spot her.”

She said that, as time went on, they grew concerned they wouldn’t ever see her again.

“We were kind of losing hope, but everyone kept saying no she’s got to be out there somewhere, somebody has to find her,” she said.

And finally, after 37 days, she was found in someone’s backyard.

“She made it from Post Falls, to Rathdrum, eventually to Athol, and then Bayview,” she said. “When she recognized us, she started jumping up and down and whining.”

Here’s the special twist to the story. Even though Josie wasn’t able to find her way home, you could say she, too, was staying hopeful of being found.

“She left May 24, from our home on Hope Avenue, and when I got the address of where she was found, it was on Good Hope,” she said, “it was quite ironic.”

After her endeavor, Josie was emaciated and starving and a little bruised up.

“She was super boney,” she said, “I don’t think we had much time.”

She is now home, happy, and back with her family. After being fed and given quite a few treats, Walker says Josie found her way into bed and slept a long while.

The family is very grateful for the community’s help.

“That was huge, huge for us,” she said. “Without everyone, we wouldn’t have found her.”

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