The history behind Father’s Day

The history behind Father’s Day Pauley

It’s a special day for dads across the world and it all began in Spokane.

The day dedicated to dads was founded right here back in 1910.

Father’s Day is now celebrated in over 85 countries worldwide and there’s one late Spokane woman to thank, Sonora Dodd, the “Mother of Father’s Day.”

The history behind Father’s Day

Nestled in the Perry District, the pride of Father’s Day sits.

“This room other than the furnishing is as it might have been in 1910 when she built the house,” current homeowner Jerry Numbers said.

Numbers has become quite the Father’s Day history buff and is now an impromptu tour guide.

“It’s almost every other day, it’s not once a year,” Numbers said, referring to the amount of tours he gives. People want to know what’s inside the home, Jerry uncovers the history.

Dodd lived here for almost four decades. In 1898, her mother past away leaving her father, William Jackson Smart, to raise six kids alone. It was her quest to honor fathers.

Over the years, Jerry has learned all the history. “We have spent a significant amount of time studying and researching,” Numbers said.

Jerry’s like an honorary member of the Dodd family, buying the home 40 years ago. He’s got pictures, dolls, mugs and other Dodd family items.

“We knew it was the home where she lived but we didn’t know the significance it would bring,” Numbers said.

As a dad himself, today is a special day, but sharing the magic of Father’s Day to others is the best present this father could ask for.

“We kind of feel like it’s our honor and privilege to be here and share this,” Numbers said.