Neighbors help neighbors stay cool during heatwave

SPOKANE, Wash. — We introduced you to Rick Clark with Spokane Quaranteam in April of 2020, when he was using Facebook Live, to support restaurants and feed hundreds of hungry people in our community. The organization has done some amazing work helping people survive the pandemic and today, they’re keeping people cool.

They’re helping to get A/C units into the homes of people who need them most. The price of air conditioning on a hot summer day with our temps in the upper-90s is priceless. For Chentel Morrison though, that price would have been $8000 when her Central Air went out at the beginning of June. That wasn’t an option for her at the time.

She’s a single mom, who works at home, and fosters pregnant dogs & puppies. She’s active and engaged in Quaranteam and when she saw their post asking if anyone needed an A/C unit, she chimed in and it all worked out. She told us, “Your community is your tribe — and honestly, to make it through life, it takes a tribe at the time. To be on the receiving end of that, it lights a fire under you and really leaves you with a good resonating feeling.”

Rick Clark explained his mission saying, “There are plenty of people out there with things. So let’s get those things into the hands of people that need them.” He sympathizes with Morrison, and many other in a similar situation. “Young kids stuck at home in the sweltering heat and the elderly, who don’t ever reach out because they don’t want to bother anyone.”

His hope is that those who need the help, step up. “I know sometimes it’s hard to ask for help so you don’t really need to get into the details. If you need an AC we understand why you need it so don’t be afraid to ask.”

The people who step up to give inspire him, “Right now, in the midst of some of the darkest times that we’re facing, I’m seeing the best things I’ve ever seen in humanity in my entire life. I don’t know how to explain it other than I think people are really good.” They’re up 30 people so far, and they’re just getting started.

If you have an air conditioning unit you’d like to donate or if you’re in need of one, head over here and request to be a part of the Spokane Quaranteam group. Once you’re accepted, you’ll the post pinned at the top.

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