The first weekend of fall will start to feel more like the middle summer! – Kris

Welcome to the weekend!

What we’re tracking

We are tracking a warming trend that will take us into the 70s for a sunny, dry weekend. We’ll be in the 80s next week!

4 Things To Know

Plan your Saturday

It’s the first weekend of fall, and there are apples to pick and a big football game at WSU. But despite all of the typical trappings of autumn, it’s going to feel more like lake weather. If you’re heading down to Pullman early to tailgate before cheering on the Cougs against the Ducks, take a sweatshirt.  Temperatures will start out in the upper 40s, but they will climb quickly into the mid-70s with lots of sunshine and light winds.

WSU Cougar Football Forecast     Saturday Planner

Spokane and Couer d’Alene forecast

High pressure is taking over for the weekend, and that’s going to kick off a warming trend that takes us into the mid-70s on Saturday and close to 80° on Sunday. If you’re not ready to break out your sweaters, you’ll be glad to know that it’s going to get even warmer next week! Our warming trend will peak in the mid-80s on Tuesday.

Planning Forecast