The country’s most popular ice cream flavors, in honor of National Ice Cream Day

The country’s most popular ice cream flavors, in honor of National Ice Cream Day
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In light of July 21, also known as National Ice Cream Day, Grubhub gathered some statistics on this year’s most popular flavors.

In order to gather the very important information, Grubhub analyzed ice cream order trends for 2019 in comparison to 2018, then picked out the top 5 most ordered in the country.

Those top 5 were as follows:

Mint Chip (185% more popular)
Cookies and cream (112% more popular)
Butter Pecan (81% more popular)
Oreo (72% more popular)
Birthday Cake (62% more popular)

Grubhub also did us the favor of breaking down the country’s favorite flavors based on region.

In the Midwest; coffee, caramel and chocolate chip took the top spots. In the Northeast; mint chip, pistachio, and green tea flavors led the way. In the South; birthday cake, butter pecan, and oreo were most ordered. Last but not least, in the West; mint chip; strawberry blonde, and mango came in on top.

So, which state ordered the most ice cream? Grubhub found Wisconsin lived up to its title of “America’s Dairyland” by ordering the most in 2019.

The study concluded with a list of unique ice cream orders across the nation. As it turns out, sunflower ice cream is an actual flavor ordered throughout the country. Other odd flavors identified were cheese, deep-fried banana and coconut, tortilla sundae (you heard that right), and pumpkin pie.

If you weren’t craving ice cream before, you probably are now. So, make sure to treat yourself and grab a scoop this Sunday… or should we say sundae.