The Cooper Bowl: EWU was a perfect fit for Cooper Kupp

CHENEY. Wash.– Part of NFL wide receiver Cooper Kupp’s journey to the Super Bowl started in Cheney.

Kupp was a good football player in high school but hadn’t grown into the physical athlete we see today. Only eastern Washington came calling and it turned out to be a perfect pairing.

This was a situation that allowed the Kupp family to get what they wanted: a redshirt year that would allow Cooper’s body to mature.

There’s a difference between having time to get better and using it. This is when Kupp’s legendary work ethic took center stage. Not only was he working to get better physically, but he was working tirelessly to learn more about every aspect of the game.

The rest is history.

Kupp went on to have more than 100 yards and two touchdowns in his first game at Oregon State. He never slowed down in his four years at Eastern. He put together the most complete and consistent career in the history of FCS football.

As a true freshman, Kupp joined a receiving corps that included three All-Americans: Brandon Kaufman, Nick Edwards and Greg Herd. He gives the older guys on the team a lot of credit for embracing him and showing him the way.

Now that he’s an established NFL superstar, the Kupps are forever grateful for that small school in Cheney.

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