The Cooper Bowl: A look back at Cooper Kupp’s high school days

SPOKANE, Wash.– From the first time 135-pound Cooper Kupp stepped foot onto the field at Davis High School, he was known for one thing: working.

Even at a young age, that work ethic and drive are what made him different. It left an impression on his high school coach Jay Dumas.

“My first impression was a little football junkie,” Dumas said.

His longtime friend Brian Dennis said he’s been around for 24 years and has never seen anything like it.

“I’ve seen a lot of great athletes come through here, but I’ve never seen the work ethic like Cooper Kupp,” Dennis said.

Even Kupp agreed that making it big all came down to his mindset.

“A lot of guys in high school were much better athletes than I was and I think it speaks to the mindset and having a goal. But also a dream you want to pursue and I look back at my time at Davis and that’s what I did,” Cooper said.

His mom Karin Kupp said he was always working to get better. She said he was always striving to be his best self. It even earned him a nickname with his friends.

“His friends called him ‘The Biz’ cause he was all about business when it came time to practice,” Karin said.

His physical skills started to catch up with the work and mental advantages by his junior and senior years. However, his appearance was still keeping scouts away. He couldn’t get past the initial lack of size and speed to get coaches to see what he brought to the table.

Finally, Eastern Washington Univerity gave him a chance. He went on to break pretty much every record in the country.

His former college coach Beau Baldwin said now that other teams can look back and understand how he was overlooked in the first place.

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