The cool fall weather is over for now: 80s and 90s return in the forecast

Swap your sweatshirts back out for shorts: summer weather will return full force starting Wednesday.  You might not believe it first thing in the morning.  Once again, temperatures will drop into the 40s overnight.  Some of the sheltered northern valleys might have another frost, but nothing wide spread.  During the day Wednesday, temperatures will jump into the mid 80s.  That’s about a 15 degree increase from Tuesday.  Other than some areas of wildlife smoke, it should be a sunny day with generally light winds.

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The warming trend doesn’t stop there.  Temperatures will continue to climb into the upper 80s by the weekend, and possibly even 90° on Sunday!  Right now, it looks like the weather might cool a bit to start next work/school week.  However, temperatures are expected to stay well above average through the 7-day forecast and beyond.

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