The Church at City Hall holds ‘worship service’ ahead of Spokane election

A local group gathered outside the clock tower in Riverfront park on Saturday for what leaders said was a ‘worship service’ to pray for Spokane amid the upcoming election.

“We live in dark and chaotic times globally, nationally, in our state, and right here in Spokane,” reads a statement on the group’s Facebook page.

The service took place from 1-3 p.m., during which members spoke about issues ranging from abortion, to education, to media exposure.

There’s a Church at City Hall prayer rally at the clock tower at Spokane Riverfront Park right now. #4NewsNow @kxly4news

— Elenee Dao KXLY (@Elenee_Dao) October 12, 2019

“Our leaders mortgage our children’s future to build political monuments to themselves,” said one group member.

“Our jails and our prisons fill to overflowing, our children are enslaved by unthinkable sins, sex drugs and alcohol. Abortion and sexual immorality have become protected rights and legislators, judges and governors impose homosexual marriage upon their citizens.”

A couple protesters against the church showed up, but left not long after.

There were a few protestors against the Church but just left. #4NewsNow @kxly4news

— Elenee Dao KXLY (@Elenee_Dao) October 12, 2019