‘The Bachelor Live on Stage’ announces Corbin Cabrera as Spokane’s eligible man

Corbin Cabrera announced as Spokane's Bachelor

SPOKANE, Wash. — Forget long walks on the beach. Ladies, if your ideal date involves studying people in a crowded airport, then you’re in luck.

“The Bachelor Live on Stage” announced Corbin Cabrera as Spokane’s Bachelor on Wednesday.

The nationwide tour kicks off Thursday and will hit Spokane’s First Interstate Center for the Arts on March 8. On that stage is where Cabrera hopes to find his forever soulmate- preferably a woman who is both ambitious and amazing, according to a release.

Cabrera is described as a father of two. In his free time, he enjoys writing and collecting board games, and his ideal date involves people watching in an airport (see above).

Bachelor fan favorite Ben Higgins will be hosting the event, which promises to fit an entire season of Bachelor drama into a single evening.

As part of the experience, Cabrera will be introduced to ladies in the audience. He’ll then choose who he’s most compatible with based on a series of games, challenges, and on-stage dates.

So eligible ladies of Spokane, are you willing to accept Cabrera’s rose?

Visit the Bachelor Live on Stage website to learn more.

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