‘That needs to change’: Community raises over $4,000 to fight domestic violence

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane has the highest rate of domestic violence in the state. Local organizations are fighting to change the trend, save more lives and let people know there is hope and healing.

On Sunday, ‘Stop The Silence’ hosted a pancake feed to bring the community together and spread awareness and education on the issue. They raised over $4,000 to help support survivors.

“Pancakes for a purpose here today,” said Gabby Dansereau.

Dansereau is a domestic violence survivor and advocate. She says more people need to step up and check in with loved ones because the epidemic affects more people than some may think.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, nearly 20 people a minute are physically abused by a partner in the U.S. Some don’t survive — like Jesseka Frazer-Musson. She was murdered by her fiancé in 2017, leaving a void in her family’s life.

“She was the cutest little bright little fairy. She was blonde with blue eyes,” said Shauna Kennedy-Carr, her sister. “I had to tell my mom that her daughter was murdered. I had to plan a funeral. I had to clean out the house that she was killed in.”

To keep her legacy alive, Carr’s fighting to save more lives with local events and her holiday pop-up shop at 109 S. Scott St. She partners with local vendors to sell products where the funds go back to domestic violence organizations. The shop’s open on the weekends leading up to the holidays.


“We’re really just committed to raising awareness, supporting the great organizations in our community that do so much and ending violence,” Carr added.

She says everyone can play a part in ending the epidemic. Simply checking in on friends and looking for signs of withdrawal and isolation is a great place to start. It may feel overwhelming, but the conversations can save a life.

“It’s a really uncomfortable conversation to have, and we need to start having these conversations with our friends and just checking in with our friends,” Dansereau said.

“Spokane has the highest rate of domestic violence in our state. That needs to change. We need to change,” Carr said. “We need to be willing to have these hard conversations.”

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. You can learn more about upcoming events and how the community’s supporting the cause here.

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