Thanksgiving travel tips for local flyers

Thanksgiving travel tips for local flyers

Thanksgiving means a lot of things: a turkey dinner, a family get together, and also more passengers at Spokane International Airport.

“We have about 60 departures per day and about 60 arrivals for that matter, and you can just anticipate that those flights are going to be 100 percent full,” said airport spokesman Todd Woodard.

If you plan on flying over the holiday, give yourself plenty of time.

“The first thing is to plan to be physically inside the airport 90-minutes prior to departure,” Woodard said.

Most airlines recommend passengers arrive even earlier – in most cases, at least 2 hours before departure, no matter what time your flight is. The airport’s busiest hours are between 5 and 7 a.m.

Airport security lines can stall travelers more than anything. The TSA recommends travelers check their IDs to ensure they aren’t expired. If you plan on flying with wrapped gifts, keep them in checked luggage.

“If you bring wrapped gifts in your carry on, it will probably be opened,” Woodard said.

Travel tips don’t just apply to passengers. If you plan on picking up friends or family, don’t linger in the passenger drop-off area. Instead, park in the cell phone waiting lot.

You can check the status of any flight and track it in real time by clicking here.