Thanksgiving forecast; turkey leftovers aren’t the only things warming up! – Kris

Whether you’re getting up early for a Turkey Trot, working off your Thanksgiving dinner with the dogs, or passing out in front of football on tv; Thursday’s weather will cooperate.  It’s not going to be a completely dry day.  There’s a chance of a few isolated flurries in the morning or sprinkles in the afternoon.  However, if you do see any precipitation at your house, it will be very light and it won’t last long.  Temperatures on Thursday will climb into the lower 40s.  Meanwhile, long after the dishes are done, a late-evening cold front will bring a chance of light valley rain and mountain snow to the area.  Keep that in mind if you’re heading out to get some day-after-Thanksgiving deals.

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That chance of light rain will continue into early Friday.  Otherwise, expect mostly cloudy and breezy conditions on Friday with highs in the mid 40s.  The warming trend continues for the weekend.  Highs will be near 50 on Saturday and into the mid 50s on Sunday!  That’s about 15 degrees above average!  Most of the precipitation, however, will be confined to the Cascades, in the form of rain over the passes.  There’s also a chance of rain in the Northeast Mountains and North Idaho, as snow levels climb to between 5,000 and 8,000 ft.

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