Tenants worry for the future as some rent prices go up more than $100

Tenants worry for the future as some rent prices go up more than $100
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Rent increases were rescinded Thursday for tenants at a N. Spokane senior apartment complex. 

Rent prices are going up for some tenants in North Spokane. Thursday night, they met with Spokane Council Member Kate Burke and other tenant union organizations to talk about it at a tenant town hall.

Several tenants said they received notices about an increase in how much they’re going to pay for rent at Vintage Apartments in North Spokane.

KXLY4 News spoke with one woman, Linda Trieber, who said on May 31, she got a notice about a $120 increase in rent per month that would begin August 1.

Trieber said she’s heard of other people living at Vintage Apartments, who are afraid to check their notice because they don’t know how big the increase will be.

Trieber said she’s lived in a one bedroom apartment for nine years at Vintage Apartments. She said in 2010, monthly rent costed her $535 a month when she first moved in. She said her rent right now is $653. With the increase, she would have to pay $773.

Trieber said she has some help from Spokane Housing Authority and is on social security, but it’s not enough.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do. My daughter lives in Idaho, but they live in a split entry with stairs, and I can’t do stairs because I’m disabled and I can’t get up and down the stairs,” Trieber said.

KXLY4 News spoke with another woman, Barbara Sires, who said her rent is going up about $100 a month and has until February to start paying it. Sires has months more than Trieber before she starts paying. But she said even with more time, her income is already too tight.

“I don’t know, maybe a miracle will happen,” Sires said. “And I’m just going to go stay here and wait and hope something changes.”

Vintage at Spokane apartments told KXLY the standard rent increase for a single room apartment was $42. A double was $51. HUD puts out the allowable yearly increase and that’s what they go by. It’s based on 60% of the median county income. The income levels – how much people can make, and still get an affordable apartment – increase, as well.

A tenant town hall meeting was held Thursday night at Vintage Apartments to discuss possible next steps.The meeting was scheduled to include Spokane Council Member Kate Burke, Tenants Union of Spokane, Spokane Area Tenants United, and people who live at Vintage Apartments.

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