Ten/6 in Coeur d’Alene takes diners for a trip down the rabbit hole!

Ten/6 in Coeur d’Alene takes diners for a trip down the rabbit hole!

A new restaurant in Coeur d’Alene is ready to take you down the rabbit hole and in to the owners kind of wonderland!

Ten/6 was a dream cooked up over the stove, by the owners, mother daughter duo, Jill and Taylor 10 years ago.

Mom Jill says her daughter Taylor was just sixteen when she had the idea to open a Cajun-style restaurant, and think up name that’s stuck! Ten/6 is a nod to the Mad Hatter character from one of their favorite books, “Alice in Wonderland.”

It’s also a theme throughout the restaurant, in addition lots of other things the two ladies love; from Disneyland to their family, most of whom you can find working in the kitchen!

Jill explained, “the Cajuns have a saying ‘stir the pot,’ and they literally will encourage all family members, you’ll have a big pot of gumbo or something on the stove, and family members are encouraged to stir the pot so there’s a piece of each family member in the dish!”

You can grab everything from a “Hakuna- Matacos” to a “White Rabbit Salad,” for breakfast and lunch Wednesday through Sunday at Ten/6. The restaurant is closed Monday and Tuesday.

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