Teen with terminal brain tumor checks another item off his bucket list

SPOKANE, Wash. — 17-year-old Jaden Baer was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in February, and doctors said he only had nine months to live. But Jaden’s Jaden Baer Tattoo 1made many strides and milestones since then, and he just crossed another item off his bucket list.

Baer got two tattoos from Sandpoint parlor ‘Bleeding Hearts,’ with Roman numerals spelling out his and family members’ birthday dates.

“My sister got the cancer ribbon with ‘Jofus’ in the middle,” Baer’s mother, Jessica Eckersley, told 4 News Now. “Jadens middle name is Joseph but he always pronounced it wrong. The rest of the tattoos are the kiddos birthdays in Roman numerals.”

Baer also got some good news back in March, when doctors in Seattle looked at his biopsy and concluded his tumor was not growing as fast as they feared, leading them to downgrade it from a Grade 4 tumor to a Grade 2. Since then, he had been traveling between Spokane and Seattle for treatment.

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Jaden Baer FamilyHis most recent treatment was last Wednesday, and Eckersley says the bloodwork was good; his fourth round of treatment is on August 12. In September, Baer will get an MRI to determine if his trial treatment is slowing cancer growth—if so, he will stay on it for six months, possibly up to a year.

In the meantime, Baer says he is looking forward to senior photos, his last year at Mead High School, and he has recently rejoined Rewired Fitness Co., where he has become a big inspiration.

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