Spokane Police deploy tear gas, rubber bullets as group turns aggressive

Spokane City Council proposes reforms
Spokane Police and protesters clash during a protest in May 2020

SPOKANE, Wash. — Police deployed tear gas and rubber bullets in downtown Spokane Sunday night to disperse crowds that turned violent after the George Floyd protest.

Police said the protest was peaceful, but a separate group of people became aggressive afterward and the escalation was in response. Tear gas was first deployed near the Nike store at Main Ave and Wall St, then at others areas across downtown.

Looters first broke into the store and the SWAT team was seen going in behind them. Several businesses were broken into or looted throughout the night.

Police announced over a speaker that people in Riverfront Park were “instigating a riot” and threatened to arrest those who chose to stay.

Police issued a Public Safety Alert shortly after asking people to avoid downtown Spokane, specifically in the area of Riverfront Park.

Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward issued a curfew Sunday night that expired at 5 a.m. Monday. It applied to blocks from Division to Maple, and Fifth to Boone.


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