Team of Spokane city leaders touring Scandinavia

Team of Spokane city leaders touring Scandinavia

A team of Spokane city leaders is looking into what the Lilac City might be able to learn from Scandinavia.

A delegation from Spokane is visiting Denmark and Sweden this week for what’s called a ‘knowledge exchange trip.’ They’ll focus mostly on gathering ideas about how to make Spokane more environmentally sustainable.

Scandinavians are said to be leaders in sustainable development, taking what they call ‘a green approach to everyday life.’

City officials haven’t said who exactly is on the trip, just that the team includes three elected officials and several city staff members. The group also includes a couple of state legislators, representatives from higher education, local businesses, and nongovernmental agencies.

For government employees and elected officials, the trip was sponsored by the private ScanDesign Foundation, a non-profit organization “dedicated to fostering Danish American relations and to supporting pain research.”

Spokane was selected for the trip because of its “leadership and innovation on smart green actions,” including investments in renewable energy and efforts to clean up the Spokane river.

The group is chronicling its journey on this blog. So far, team members have been inspired by the prevalence of bikes in cities like Copenhagen, where they say wide bike lanes through the heart of downtown promote a more eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Team of Spokane city leaders touring Scandinavia