Teagan’s Angels bring touching cause to life at Art on the Green

Teagan’s Angels bring touching cause to life at Art on the Green

Among the nearly 200 artists attending Art on the Green this weekend, Jackson Costa is one of the youngest. The 18 year old owner and operator of Costa Fabrication will have very special art pieces on sale this weekend, and the cause his work will support is even more special.

Costa calls the celestial metal garden figures with shiny garden gazing balls Teagan’s Angels; named for Teagan Bartoo, the baby girl who inspired their creation.

Costa describes Teagan as a sweet, cheerful and tough little girl. Unfortunately, Teagan was diagnosed with two rare genetic syndromes known as Wolf-Hirschhorn and Beckwith-Wiedemann syndromes. This diagnosis creates a number of hurdles for Teagan, including putting her at high risk for life-threatening seizures and childhood cancer.

“When I first met Teagan, all I saw was a beautiful little girl who was adored by her parents, grandparents, family and friends. I eventually became aware of her struggles,” Costa said. “Because of my admiration of the Brastrup and Bartoo families, I decided that I would create something in my metal fabrication shop, as a gift to [her parents] Josh and Kelsey.”

That’s how the first Teagan’s Angel came to be. Costa said he never had any intention of of making additional angels; his only intention was to show his love for Teagan and her family.

“I received requests to make similar angels for family and friends,” Costa said. “At first I declined because the angel I created was specifically a guardian angel to look after Teagan. Then I proposed to create additional ‘Teagan’s Angels’ to help [her] family.”

After meeting with Josh and Kelsey regarding his plan, the three ultimately decided to use the funds raised by Teagan’s Angels to support less fortunate children in the community who suffer from life limiting genetic diagnosis; a project that will eventually become baby Teagan’s ultimate legacy.

This weekend, Costa will be selling his unique handcrafted Teagan’s Angels with the hope they may provide joy and act as a guardian angel to the individuals purchasing them. Each angel is unique in its own way, build with different flowers, colors and gazing globes.

During Art on the Green, Costa will be located in booth number 8 behind the Student Union Building.