Tartar Sauce puts Zip’s Drive-In on the map

Tartar sauce is usually a condiment paired with seafood, but here in Spokane…we like to mix it up.

Spokane was nationally recognized by Far & Wide for best regional food in the USA for their unique use of tartar sauce on hamburgers and french fries.

There is no other place than Spokane’s very own Zip’s Drive-In that makes this combination delicious. According to Far & Wide, the local chain makes 40 gallons of tartar sauce every week to top off their burgers and fries.

Far & Wide provided a quote from Kate Hudson, a representative from Visit Spokane who said, “The sauce is downright revered. Order a burger and French fries at any Spokane restaurant and you’re sure to get tartar sauce with it, whether you want it or not. It’s a quirk here in this part of the Pacific Northwest.”

Taste it for yourself and order a side of tartar sauce with your next burger and fries.