Tape goes down at Hoopfest

With Hoopfest just hours away, hundreds of volunteers are working hard transforming the streets of Spokane into more than 400 basketball courts.

Hoopfest goes through 10 and a half miles of tape to create all the courts.

The Davis family knows first hand how much tape the event requires; they’ve been setting up courts for nearly a decade.

Gary Davis rolls out the tape while the rest of the family makes sure it sticks to the ground.

“It’s nice to come down here and spend time with the kids and everything,” said Gary Davis, a Hoopfest volunteer.

With each Hoopfest, the Davis family grows. This year, Davis’ 3-year old grandson helped with court set up. And, in the next three years, he’ll have even more help. 

“Well, all three of us are pregnant, my sister and my sister-in-law are pregnant, so in a couple years we’ll have our kids down here stomping on the tape,” said April Gochenour, Davis’ daughter.