Fresh Soul to reopen with a group of new kids gaining job skills

While some restaurants and businesses decided to stay open during the pandemic, others closed to take time off for the safety of staff and customers. Fresh Soul in Spokane closed, but used its down time to figure out how to make a program that helps kids even better.

Giving you an inside look at video game addiction rehab

Whether you're a kid or an adult, you may play video games every day -- it's natural for many people to play and then get on with their lives. Some people, though, are unable to, and they can become addicted to the screen.

Washington state makes preschool progress

A new report released by the National Institute for Early Education Research says Washington state is making progress when it comes to increasing the number of kids in preschool and getting state money for that.

Young adults say they'll actually vote in midterm election

A majority of adults who will be old enough to vote in 2018 say they are planning to, according to a poll released Wednesday conducted by AP-NORC and MTV. When asked to rate their likelihood on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being "certain to vote"), 56 percent rated their likelihood at a 6 or above. Thirty-two percent said they were absolutely "certain to vote."