winter storm

Blizzard conditions likely for several US states

While beautiful spring temperatures have settled into the Plains and Midwest, folks there shouldn't get used to it. There's a storm on the way that's going to remind Midwesterners that winter's never over till it's over.

Sea-Tac Airport cancels hundreds of flights due to winter storm

UPDATE: While at least two flights from Spokane to Seattle took off without issue Tuesday morning, five others were canceled and three were delayed. If you're planning to fly to Seattle in the coming days, you'll want to check your flight status with your airline. 

Gusty winds cause 100-foot tree to fall in Sandpoint, lands in a bedroom

North Idaho is another part of the region feeling the impact of the this storm's winds. An enormous tree is now lodged in someone's bedroom in Sandpoint. Gusty winds uprooted it Saturday morning. Now, local tree services have a message for you - because, while no one was hurt here it could have been a different story.