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Will Smith battles himself in one-dimensional thriller 'Gemini Man'

Technical wizardry provides the centerpiece of "Gemini Man," a movie whose most kinetic moments approximate a first-person videogame, while giving Will Smith the opportunity to battle himself. Those flourishes, however, come at the expense of story, yielding a movie that emphasizes its experiential and 3D qualities but lacks depth on every other front.

Top-grossing actors in US box office history

With Dwayne Johnson's latest film doing well in theaters, take a look at where the "The Rock," famous professional wrestler turned movie star ranks among the top-grossing actors in U.S. box office history.

Netflix's 'Bright' casts Will Smith in dim thriller

"Bright" is a bloated, expensive mess, a Netflix movie with blockbuster aspirations and faerie-sized brains. Loud, derivative and thoroughly unexciting, the streaming service has thrown money at this Will Smith vehicle, and merely bought itself a whole lot of embarrassment.