Much needed rain on the way - Mark

Today will be the last dry day for awhile. Light rain tonight followed by gusty winds and rain showers through Saturday morning. Calmer and warmer Sunday and next week.

Wet Tuesday and drier Wednesday - Mark

The next front is moving in this morning with sustained rain in many areas. Tonight we see it break off and the potential for fog through Wednesday morning. Partly Cloudy with another round of clouds and showers Thursday night and Friday.

Wet weather continues then the winds - Mark

A low continues to move slowly over the top of eastern Washington and N. Idaho. Thursday and Friday will be scattered showers and cooler than average. We warm up and dry out for the weekend.

More wet weather today and Wednesday -Mark

Clouds and showers with a possibility of some thunderstorm activity. Mild today temperature wise with cooler and rainy conditions for Wednesday. Scattered showers Thurs and Fri with a drier warmer weekend expected