wednesdays child

Wednesday's Child: Shelby

Sometimes you just need to unplug, get back to nature, and check out your priorities. That's exactly what this week's Wednesday's Child wants to do all the time.

Wednesday's Child: Brittany

Our Wednesday's children who are approaching adulthood, want the love and support of a family, too. KXLY4's Robyn Nance reports.

Wednesday's Child: Jessy

This week's Wednesday's Child has been dealt lots of ups and downs, and figures out a way to stay positive through it all.

Wednesday's Child: Matt

Being a teenager can be like riding a roller coaster. And for a teenager in foster care, the ups and downs can be amplified, especially the “downs.” We are taking you back to summertime in this week's Wednesday's Child, climbing on a real roller coaster with Matt. He is still waiting to be connected with an adoptive family. He'll need on that's not afraid.

Wednesday's Child: Harley and Russell

This week's Wednesday's Child is double the trouble. KXLY4's Robyn Nance recently met up with a couple of brothers who need to be adopted together and need a very special family.