Simulations depict tsunami effects in Washington state

SEATTLE (AP) - State authorities have released new simulations that show how a powerful tsunami could overwhelm Washington state's coastal and shoreline communities. The Department of Natural Resources says there are some locations around the state where residents would have…

At least 168 killed when tsunami hits beaches in Indonesia

A tsunami that hit Pandeglang, Serang and South Lampung, Indonesia, Saturday night, killed at least 168 people and injured at least 745, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, head of public relations at Indonesia's National Disaster Mitigation Agency, said on television.

Reflecting on Tuesday's tsunami scare

Following Tuesday morning's tsunami scare for our west side friends, it's only human to consider the natural disasters that might face the Inland Northwest. While it's safe to say we're clear of tsunami and hurricane danger, we still have to stay alert.

Japan Nuke Crisis "Touch And Go"

The updates on the condition of Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant change every hour, so often its hard to know what is really going on, a situation which Dr. Akira Tokuhiro at the University of Idaho calls very ?touch and go.?